Friday, February 11, 2011

Special message to our new clan =)

Salam and hye..

        After been hustling around for about a month, finally we got settled down..We have arranged u in ur group and in what type of subject what you are going to teach/ be guided. This is how it works, the mentors will have to contact their mentees and discuss when/ where your discussion gonna take place..As for the mentees, be alert and try to contact your mentor as soon as possible too..(maybe juz wanna say hi for the starter).
        For the time being, insyaAllah we'll send the attendance and the reports forms to the mentors via email. Merits for the mentees will be given based on your attendance to the discussion. As a reminder, mentors need to hold at least one discussion session per 2 weeks. All in all, this program involve mutual cooperation from both mentors and mentees,so we hope that u will be comitted to this programs.Don't juz depend on the mentors/ mentees only.We got our own responsibilities and do stick to it.Chaiyok2x..

"If success is really our goals, then what's the reason of delaying it with our lousy attitude ??"

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