Friday, January 14, 2011

All hail the mentors n mentees..

 Hye, lets jz talk informally..                                                                                                                     
Did u ever feel so dumbfounded when Mr.Lecturer wrote tis in front??

Haha..Yeah, I do sometimes...or r you feelin like drawin tis on ur test/exam paper?

or u jz might wanna create tis equation..

So, dats kinda hard situation...noe wut, let us help ya(our tagline..hehe)..Then u will not have to worry bout memorizing/ studying tis by yourself...and we'll help u to get an A of it...sounds AWESOME, isn't it? =)

 So(bpe byak so la..hehe), what u're waiting for???come and join know bout d details, read d babblings below =)

Salam..hye there..for those outta there who wanna noe what tis blog is all about..Here it is, This is one of d community project by Physic's Club.. We r from Academic Bureau are currently  holding an event called  'A HELPING HAND'.Tis is basically like buddy programs, mentor-mentees or you juz name it...

For a start, tis program only opened for the 1st year students ..So, if u're thinking dat Physics 1 or Physics2 might chop ur head off in d final exam..I guess, dat is d sign that u should enrol in tis program..Who knows?? Mind ya, tis program is all for FREE..The discussion places is entirely up to ur mentors, 5/6 mentees rwill b allocated under each mentor and we'll make sure that u guys at least are having A SESSION per 2 weeks.Come along and invite ur friends too(so dat u won't feel so left alone in d group)so what u have to do is juz give us your details (name, IC No.matric no, email, and  your program) n let us take care of the rest..

notakaki :limited place and high priority are given to early birds.

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